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Our team will take the appropriate steps to prevent insects and animals from causing damage to or killing your plants.


Using the latest practices in preventative care, we can help you preserve your lawn and garden from insects, moles, and other animals.

With skilled and experienced animal control from Central Lawn Care, you can be sure that your plants and trees will be healthy and free from destructive insects.


We have years of experience managing landscapes and taking steps to prevent insect and animal damage.

Ensuring the health of your

trees and plants

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Preventative care for

your landscaping

 •  Chinch bugs

 •  Ticks

 •  Army worms

 •  Nematodes

 •  Mole crickets

 •  Sod webworms

 •  Moles

 •  Grubs

Protecting your plants and landscape from:

In addition to protecting your plants and landscaping with quality animal control, rely on Central Lawn Care for regular lawn maintenance. We offer quality mowing, weed removal, edging and much more for your lawn.

Professional lawn maintenance